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Remote management software for professional digital video recorders. Provides remote administrative functions for setting up and maintaining the operation of a digital video recorder plus watch and search functions. RASplus has many powerful tools that can be used to streamline your work. Most of the tools are located on 12 docking panels that can be placed on the screen where they are most convenient. You can keep your screen free of clutter by displaying only the panels you use most frequently. 

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    juan.f.rico 5 years ago


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    Guest 5 years ago

    it's not compatible with my windows live messenger 2011

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    hal lasell 6 years ago

    RASplus 2.1.1 was provided by ADT, on CD, for remote monitoring of their security camera DVR system. According to Avira, this was infected with a spyware trojan. Downloaded 2.1.1 from ADT-matrix.com which was similarly indicated. Two days after notification of this issue, ADT-matrix posted v 2.2.2 which does not trigger Avira's trojan alert. Recommend avoid v 2.1.1 unless someone knowledgeable were to provide a convincing explanation that these were false positives.
    The program is fairly good; not terribly difficult for a minimally technically savy person to set up with some phone support from ADT. The video review features discovered so far are quite limiting, because only an 8x forward and backware scan capability requires too much real time to get to the interesting events. Q-see and other dvr systems had much better obvious review/scanning capabilities. However, RASplus is relatively flexible for displaying multiple views in real time. The review feature enables automated linked synchronous scanning through all video streams for time-sequenced event detection and monitoring. Have been using for about a week for remote monitoring; not used seriously in the sense that there have been no trigger events (intrusion, loss, etc.) to cue a robust review & forensics which might reasonably expose more issues.


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